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Hi All,

ARRIS 9.5 Spin 522 is now available for download at Click on Support at the top of the home page and then the Product Downloads link on the Support page. The spin 522 download is at the top of the Downloads page. The ARRIS 9.5 Update Notes (PDF) may also be read on-line or downloaded from this same location.

This spin has several enhancements, including several to the new User Preferences system. The default User Toolbar basename is now a preference instead of being locked in to the computer User Name. This is set in the Menu section of User Preferences. Also, the mouse button settings are now set and saved in User Preferences instead of the separate :sdbm command (which is now obsolete). User mouse button settings will need to be set and saved in User Preferences.

Also a new WEBSQL Datalink type for Smart Repeated Items has been added. There are 4 new settings in User Preferences that are tied to this feature.

The Query Area menu has been enhanced with a new "Slope" setting. This allows you add a slope factor to accurately calculate square footage of a plane drawn in plan that is actually on a slope (such as a roof).

The documentation is up to date on all of these features. See the respective topics in the ARRIS Encyclopedia for more information.

Jim Bennett
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