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ARRIS 9.4 spin 413 is now available for download on our web site at Click on Support at the top of the home page, and then Product Downloads on the Support page. ARRIS 9.4 Spin 413 is at the top of the Downloads page.

In this spin there are several enhancements to the placement of Zones, including a few new placement options. Zone placement is now similar to the placement of Patterns, with the same look and functionality. The Notes feature has also been enhanced to allow easier editing of text and leaders of a Note.

Also in this spin, the Query Area and Query Perimeter functions have been enhanced to allow the selection of Polylines and Patterns to specify a boundary for the Area or Perimeter. In the case of Patterns, the Area reported is the area of the pattern boundary plus or minus any sub-boundaries in the same fashion as the display of the pattern (i.e. the area reported is what is hatched on the screen). Feet / Inches (as opposed to decimal feet or inches only) has been added as a display unit to the Query Perimeter function.

Other fixes include:

Enhanced the Layer Manager menu to sort and display faster.

Fixed a problem in Notes where the Note and leaders were not being placed properly in the Edit - Remake function.

There are several other enhancements and fixes added in this spin. The complete list of fixes and enhancements for each ARRIS 9.4 spin may be found in the Update Notes which may be viewed and/or downloaded from the Downloads page.
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