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ARRIS 9.4 spin 411 is now available for download on our web site at Click on Support at the top of the home page, and then Product Downloads on the Support page. ARRIS 9.4 Spin 411 is at the top of the Downloads page.

This spin enhances the Polyline commands to place Polylines in such a way as to greatly reduce the possibility of placement and marker errors. The Polyline placement commands now define Polylines and highlight them in white similar to the Pattern Geometry Edit commands until the Polyline is completely defined. Once the completely defined the Polyline is placed in the database all at once.

4 new Polyline placement commands have been added. In addition to placing a Polyline by points or by rectangle, you can now also place a Polyline triangle and circle, and place a Polyline offset to an existing Polyline or by chasing a series of Lines / arcs.

The Polyline placement function has been enhanced to include a "Backspace Point" capability which removes the last Polyline segment entered while defining a Polyline, and then allows you to continue defining the Polyline from there.

The 2D Polyline Geometry Edits have been enhanced to include several new functions. The Polyline Geometry Edits now include Delete, Move, and Copy Polylines, Merge 2 Polylines, Divide a Polyline, Reverse a Polyline, Toggle Closure, Toggle Spline setting, Add, Delete, and Move a Polyline Vertex, change a Polyline segment to Linear, and change a Polyline segment to Arc. You can also now freeze a Polyline to lines/arcs.

The Pattern placement function has been enhanced to include a "Backspace Point" capability which removes the last boundary segment entered while defining a Pattern boundary, and then allows you to continue defining the Pattern boundary from there.

Other fixes include:

Fixed a problem where small bits of a Pattern were being displayed outside of the Pattern boundary in certain cases.

Fixed a problem in the Pattern Repair function where work angle was not properly accounted for.

Fixed a problem in ARRIS++ where the Pattern Geometry Edit menu was not being called properly.

Enhanced the Database Drawing/Sheet Select function to improve the speed with which the Database Drawing/Sheet list is gathered and displayed to the menu.

The Database Drawing/Sheet Select function has been enhanced in Select By File mode so that the menu display is paged to show the currently loaded database and drawing/sheet when the menu first opens. This allows easier selection of drawings close to the current in large drawing lists with naming conventions. It also makes selection of the currently loaded drawing for plotting, PDF, and eZ much easier.

Fixed a problem in the Group Edit Move function where the Group Definition menu was being called up incorrectly with the Match Entity Move function.

Fixed a problem where selecting the Title Bar on the Group Definition Menu was cancelling the edit rather than just dropping the menu to be able to select things behind it.

The complete list of fixes and enhancements for each ARRIS 9.4 spin may be found in the Update Notes which may be viewed and/or downloaded from the Downloads page.
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