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ARRIS 9.4 spin 404 is now available for download on our web site at Click on Support at the top of the home page, and then Product Downloads on the Support page. ARRIS 9.4 Spin 404 is at the top of the Downloads page.

This spin fixes several reported issues including the Ceiling Grid function in ARRIS Architect, the ARRIS Display Window not sizing correctly with the menus at reduced size and the display window slidebars on, Circles displaying over the menus when panning when a Raster Entity is present, text font strokes not meeting properly in PDF output causing gaps and extensions in the letters, and other reported problems.

Enhancements in this spin include changing the spool name that ARRIS uses to send plots to the plotter from "ARRIS_PLOT" for everything to the drawing/sheet name being plotted, making the Group Edit Move function loop so that multiple moves can be made without restarting the command, and adding an "Assign Textures" button to the OpenGL Windows Toolbar. The ARRIS Learning Guide has also been updated for release 9.4 in this spin.

The complete list of fixes and enhancements may be found in the Update Notes which may be viewed and/or downloaded from the Downloads page.
Jim Bennett
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