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Default ARRIS Developer Web Site

Sigma Design has posted a new web site for folks who are developing (or are interested in developing) their own custom programs / menus in ARRIS. Most of you will probably not be interested, however for those that are we wanted to make it available and let you know the information is there.

The ARRIS Developer web site is located at:

This site contains documentation for various developer topics. There is complete documentation for all $ utilities in ARRIS. It also contains documentation for several Sigmac utilities that are in base ARRIS. These are designed to be called by other Sigmac programs to perform various functions and/or return a value. They are not found on ARRIS menus. There is a PDF download available for the ARRIS Developer Plug-In module (Sigmac / Menu compilers) that is the ARRIS Encyclopedia topic on the subject. There are also documentation downloads available on miscellaneous other developer topics.

Hopefully this site will be expanded in the future to contain documents on more developer topics, tools, etc. If you have any questions or comments you can post them here or contact me directly. As always, suggestions are welcome.

Jim Bennett
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