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Sigma Design is happy to announce the release of ARRIS 9.3. With ARRIS 9.3, Sigma Design has created the fastest, easiest, and most universal output of any CAD system.

The new Project Page / Database Drawing/Sheet Select menu makes selection of drawings simple. From this menu you can now open, open read only, open in a new ARRIS session, plot, export to .pdf, export to .dwg, or open in eZ your selected drawing(s). The new Plot Presets feature allows you to store all plotter settings, including settings in ARRIS, those set in the plotter driver, and the plotter itself for easy 1 click selection at plot time. There are many more new features and a long list of bug fixes.

The new release may be downloaded from our web site at Also on the web site is a link to the ARRIS 9.3 New Features Guide which may be downloaded in .pdf format.

Those of you who are current on subscription will be receiving your ARRIS 9.3 authorization codes by e-mail. If you are not current on subscription, contact your dealer or Sigma Design to purchase your upgrade.

Thanks for your business.
Jim Bennett
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