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Hi All,

ARRIS 9.5 Spin 523 is now available on the web site at Click on Support at the top of the home page and then the Product Downloads link in the middle of the Support page. This takes you to the Product Downloads page. The ARRIS 9.5 Spin 523 download is at the top of the page. The Update Notes may also be viewed or downloaded from this page (just below the ARRIS download).

This spin fixes a problem where the DWG/DXF Translator was failing on exports due to new User Default settings. It also fixes a problem where TIF files in drawings were not being plotted to PDF correctly. Also fixed is a problem in User Preferences where the Drawing Window Slidebar setting was not being saved and set properly. The default Right Click command on the Wall Trim/Extend button has been changed to Trim/Extend a given distance. This makes it more consistent with the Line menu Trim/Extend. The complete list of fixes and enhancements is in the update notes.
Jim Bennett
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