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Hi All,

ARRIS 9.5 Spin 519 is now available for download at Click on Support at the top of the home page and then the Product Downloads link on the Support page. The spin 519 download is at the top of the page. The Update Notes may also be read on-line or downloaded from this same location.

This spin fixes several bugs reported over the last few months. There are also a few new enhancements including a more direct link to the documentation in the ARRIS Bookshelf under the Query menu.

The largest enhancement in this spin is the new User Preference menu. The User Preferences system has been updated and a new menu created to make the preferences easier to set, to remove a few obsolete settings, and to add several new settings. The new settings available (which are set on ARRIS startup) include the Open by Project/Open by File setting, the Icon/List setting for Entity Select menus, the Foreground/Background setting for placing Patterns, and more. Also a new section has been added to the User Preference menu which allows you to set plug-ins such as ARRIS Architect, ARRIS 3D, etc. to load automatically on startup. All of this is documented in the Preferences topic of the ARRIS Encyclopedia.

Although all of the User Preferences have default settings, after you install ARRIS 9.5 spin 519, you will need to go to the new User Preference menu (Customization pull-down menu, Preferences icon in the center of the menu) and reset your preferences. Any old - system preferences you had saved are no longer valid. No preference file save is necessary - all preferences are saved immediately as they are set.

Jim Bennett
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