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ARRIS 9.5 spin 516 is now available for download on our web site at Click on Support at the top of the home page, and then Product Downloads on the Support page. ARRIS 9.5 Spin 516 is at the top of the Downloads page.

This spin adds a major new feature - an ellipse entity. It also includes updates to the Application Sub-Menus for all of the ARRIS and ARRIS Architect entities to support new features and for consistency with current menu standards. The prompt for Pattern Origin in Patterns has also been made optional. A new setting allows you to set whether ARRIS should prompt for the origin, just use the Boundary origin (the pre-9.5 method of placing the Pattern), or to use the last Pattern Origin (datum), which allows for placing multiple Patterns which align with the same origin. The New Reference and Double Reference point functions have been enhanced to recognize Pattern, Zone, and Polyline boundaries as they are being placed or edited. The Output to PDF function has been adjusted to use more compression and thus make PDF files coming from ARRIS much smaller in size. 22 topics in the ARRIS Encyclopedia have been updated to reflect all changes and enhancements.

The full list of enhancements and fixes are listed in the ARRIS 9.5 Update Notes, which may be viewed and/or downloaded from the web site on the Downloads page.
Jim Bennett
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