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Tim 12-13-2011 02:37 PM

Help Needed... Can Not Save

we recently upgraded storage on our windows file server from being hosted on its raid array to a new SANS unit... moved some of our network shared folders over there this weekend... from a local user stand point everything looks the same... our project drive was mapped to P:, standards to S: etc... and they are all the same still... just the path on the server side changed...

however our arris users can not save... (every other program and win explorer has no problems yet) i found a little work around in arris where if you save database as a new name it will save as normal for a little while, but eventually kick back the same error... until it is saved as a new name... which I will paste below... I do not subscribe to the list server anymore, so if someone could post this on their for me I would appreciate it.

we are running arris 9.2 on windows xp machines... any help would be appreciated.


Last error occurred at: Tue Dec 13 15:35:43 2011
Last user input: :mn_dgmenu;13
Error no: 504 Unexpected input
(file: C:\deva\arris_92\src92\M_ISAT.cpp line: 28)
Previous error occurred at: Tue Dec 13 15:35:43 2011
Last user input: :mn_dgmenu;13
Error no: 803 can not create file - p:\2011020_dixon\cadd\arris\dixon2.db\0-miscellaneous.dl
Error Trace back: in $wlysv('p:\2011020_dixon\cadd\arris\dixon2.db\0-miscellaneous.dl')

(file: C:\deva\arris_92\src92\D_FLCRE.cpp line: 265)
Called from: save at 578

Note: You may use 'Copy to Clipboard' below to copy the error message to the clipboard and paste it in an email, or into a document for printing.

( ARRIS 9.2, spin 107, Nov 29 2007 Windows XP/2000/NT4 (Build 7600)
Microsoft: TIMWIN7: Microsoft

Tim 12-14-2011 12:44 PM

any ideas? anyone... permissions seem to be all good... I'm at a loss to why it requires a new file name every so often?

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