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Al Hart 05-10-2009 10:58 PM

Can you tell me about ARRIS

I am currently considering what program will suit my workflow best so I had a bit of a look at ARRIS. I also emailed the contact address but never received an answer!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you do know a bit about it, i wouldn't mind if you could direct me to some basic tutorial info on how easy it is to get into and utilise....

Many thanks, speak soon.
I'm sorry that your email to ARRIS did not get returned. Jim Bennett, who handles customer support will see this post and add some information about how to find the tutorials, etc.

We were the original developers of ARRIS CAD back in 1979, and are still the developers (with a short pause or two in between.).

ARRIS is a very powerful CAD system, with many, many good tools for creating Construction Documents and other CAD needs. Its biggest problem is that it is not AutoCAD - so even though many consider ARRIS better, it is difficult for new users to decide to choose it instead of AutoCAD. (Are you old enough to remember the phrase "Nobody ever gets fired for recommending IBM"?)

Since we took over development again, a few years ago, we have been working hard to make it more Windows like (a lot of the ARRIS features and menus were developed before both AutoCAD and Windows. ARRIS was originally written for UNIX)

We have a big push on this year to design an interface which resembles the design bars on the left in AutoCAD 2009 and Revit 2009. This won't change the capabilities of ARRIS much, but it will make it seem more friendly to new users.

Again, I recommend you take a look at ARRIS. However, you won't see its real power until you want to accomplish some of the tasks which it does better and faster. (If you want to draw a rectangle, dimension it, and add some text, most CAD systems do pretty well. The real power comes later when you try to do more difficult things.)

I am posting this on the ARRIS Forum as well, so some other users can offer their advice.

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