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Jim Bennett 12-29-2008 04:03 PM

Iabc 2009
As Charlie mentioned in a post on the Listserver, we have tentatively scheduled IABC 2009 for March 28 - 29 at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, CO. If there is a major conflict in the ARRIS / BuildersCAD / Architecture / Building community that we have missed, please let us know.

Since we skipped last year, there is a lot to see and talk about at IABC this year. As Charlie mentioned in his post, there are some really great new and exciting things coming in ARRIS and BuildersCAD. We will share more on this in the coming weeks and months.

Also - if anyone has any specific seminar topics they would like to see at IABC, or has expertise that they would like to share, please e-mail and let me know or post on the listserver for discussion. As always, comments are welcome.

Happy New Year,

Jim Bennett 01-12-2009 01:31 PM

17th Annual International ARRIS / BuildersCAD Conference
(March 27-28, 2009, Denver, Colorado)

Hi All,

We have confirmed the dates and location for this year's IABC. The conference will be March 27 - 28 (Friday - Saturday), 2009 at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, Colorado. There will likely be a social gathering of some sort on Thursday evening, March 26 for those arriving in town.

The conference fee this year will be $600 - the same as the last conference 2 years ago. Hotel rooms will be available at the Warwick for $149 / night single/double occupancy (quite a bit less than 2 years ago in Seattle). Hotel reservations should be made with Sigma Design at the time you register for the conference. The conference web site will have all of the most up to date information, and should be up later today or tomorrow. The address is

We are still working on the program seminars and events. The conference is certain to feature ARRIS 9.4 and a lot of discussion on development & enhancements beyond. We will post more on this and update the web site as the program for the conference is firmed up.

Rob Steinmetz has reported that both AirTran and Southwest Airlines are running sales on fares to Denver this week (through January 15). They have some really great deals. If you live in a city served by either of these airlines, you might check this out and make your reservations.

Registration for the conference is open - you can register for the conference (and reserve your hotel rooms) by calling Sigma Design at 888-990-0900 or 318-449-9900.

See you in Denver!

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