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Al Hart 11-18-2008 12:20 AM

What libraries do you use to create PDF files from ARRIS?
We've gotten wind of a security patch that is going to be rolled out that effects Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
I'm pretty certain that Arris uses it's own library to create PDF's, but want to make certain. Which lead me to the question, which system libraries does Arris use?

I'd like to know, so that going forward we know what things need to be checked in Arris when a security patch rolls.

Current versions of ARRIS use code developed by Render Plus to create PDF files.

For ARRIS 9.4, we are switching to a set of libraries called PDFLIB.

This will give us the ability to embed fonts properly in the PDFs, to embed other PDFs into ARRIS and the PDFs and to create multi-pages PDFs - one page per drawing.

We are also using Acitve-X and Adobe PDF reader to process PDF files embedded into ARRIS itself.

We do not use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe libraries to create PDF files.

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